Tango Workshops – Rafael Ramirez, 8th-9th September

Improve Your Tango!!!

Rafael Ramirez is a professional tango dancer.

He specializes in tango salon caminado and figures from salon tango in Todaro style.
He started his dancing career in theatres and tango shows in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Japan.
His teachers were famous dancers from the Golden Age of tango, including Antonio Todaro, Miguel Balmaceda, Juan Carlos Copes, Pepito Avellaneda, Eduardo and Gloria Arquimbaun, Rodolfo Dinzel, Gerardo Portalea and Chino Perico.
In 1989, he and his partner came in second in the Metropolitano tango championship in Buenos Aires. The first place was taken by the one of the world’s best tango dancers Osvaldo Zotto and Gullermina Quiroga.

Nowadays he teaches tango in workshops and seminars in many countries – Argentina, Chile, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Balkan countries and Japan, among others.

The workshops will be held in Tango School Cadena in Belgrade.
Belgrade Center, 11 Djure Danicica Street.
Workshops schedule:
08.09. 15:00-16:30 Tango figures, Surprise your partner (I/A)
08.09. 16:30-18:00 Traditional Tango Salon – Elegant dancing (I/A)

09.09. 15:00-16:30 Milonga – Make your step faster (I/A)
09.09. 16:30-18:00 Tango Technique – Posture, walk, energy, work in couples (B/I/A)


Contact: +318 64 970 53 16